What is Anaphora?

Anaphora is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the work of writers and artists of color.

What kinds of programs do you offer?

We offer residencies, retreats, artist talks, workshops, trainings, and other similar programs.

What does Anaphora mean?

It means “to bear”, from the Greek “repetition”, from ana (back) + pherein (to bear) = We bear this responsibility of equal representation of people of color in the literary and artistic fields. We bear it on our backs, and shoulders.

How do you determine your programming?

Programs are designed in consultation with our rotating advisory board, with the community at large, and with fellow writers and artists. We are always open to input, to continue serving the evolving needs of creative professionals of color. Please send us a note through our Idea Box if you have any feedback.

When are programs announced?

Programs are announced in the fall of each year; we have a core set of program offerings, with some rotating every other year. We are always open to new ideas.

Do you offer financial support to attend the programs?

Yes! We fundraise every year to offer full & partial scholarships to program participants. Please check each page for announcements and requirements.

I am interested in partnering with Anaphora.

Great. Let’s talk. Send us a note.